Eng­lisch G‑Kurs


  1. Read the arti­cle, then copy the 9 sen­ten­ces into your exer­cise books and fill in the gaps.
  2. Look up the unknown words and learn them!



Word bank: ope­ned, area, love, light­house, cost, island of the peli­cans, ghost, clo­sed, Alca­traz, 1963, Rock


  1. Alca­traz Island is also cal­led __________________ or the ________________________.
  2. Alca­traz was first used as a ____________________________.
  3. It beca­me a muse­um ______________________.
  4. Alca­traz comes from the ori­gi­nal Spa­nish name of the island an means ____________________________________________.
  5. The famous Alca­traz pri­son ______________ in August 1934 and _________________ on 21 March 1963.
  6. The pri­son was shut down in 1963, becau­se it _______________ too much to run.
  7. Today, peop­le still ________________ to go see the prison.
  8. Peop­le enjoy the tales of pos­si­ble ___________________ encoun­ters on the pri­son grounds.
  9. Alca­traz Island is one of many islands in the San Fran­cis­co Bay ____________________.